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We help innovators and changemakers stand out online and expand their work. We blend content strategy, videos, and storytelling to create maximum impact on websites and social media.

Unleash the power of purpose

We're a UK-based sustainable creative studio made up of creative directors, digital innovators, and designers with an OBSESSION for social and environmental justice.

We work with mission-driven organisations from social businesses, local governments and charities to make a real difference.

Videos that cut through the noise
Create a real emotional connection with your audience and supporters.

Our love of filmmaking has taken us around the world, filming documentaries, commercial videos, creating artful animations as well as covering sustainability events.

🎥 Our work has been featured on the BBC, ITV, Channel4 and more.
Video production
Storytelling + SEO = Real Impact
Storytelling creates true engagement with your brand, products & services. It puts your audience at the centre of the story.

We use brand storytelling frameworks to create the most effective content strategies for your website and social media channels.

💬 We've helped Habitat for Humanity GB achieve 100% growth year-on-year over 3 years.
Content strategy
Keep on top of digital marketing
We've launched over 30 websites, big and small, helping build thousands of web pages.

We've helped 10+ organisations across the world manage their digital transformation (hello AI!), as well as run Meta Ad Campaigns, and run epic social media campaigns.

🎉 Our work was featured twice at the UK Department for Culture, Media & Sports.
Digital marketing services
Impactful design and imagery
Refreshing the look of your website or putting together a new campaign? We can help you with those custom graphic designs.

We've designed research, impact and ESG reports for a variety of industries.

📸 We also specialise in documentary-style photography to achieve the most natural-looking styles that boost authenticity.
Design & photography
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The Restless Studio is where we run our very own projects - usually funded by our sustainable creative studio work. Sometimes it's a social business, sometimes it's a fundraiser.

Sometimes it's a children's book.

For the next 10 years, we will be working on projects supporting the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The profits from any work that doesn't fit this scope will be used to fund SDG-related projects.

We've helped raise +£240k for charity in the campaigns we've contributed to.

*NEW: use our "Demand Climate Action" profile picture frame on social media.

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"Ally & Bibi": A children's book on sustainability
Our SDG-powered media branch. Head this way if you're looking for sustainability-infused children's books, graphic novels and more.
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A sci-fi odyssey on music and the environment
A series of music videos conceived as a space odyssey - where music is the force that binds planets together and nurtures them.
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A music video for mental health awareness
To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Day, we partnered with RONY to create a haunting music video on mental health issues.
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“A creative agency that is excellent at managing digital content and social media platforms not forgetting web design! Great at storytelling  and offering trainings that help boost employees capacities in impact storytelling. A team that is dedicated to excellence. I like how they are proactive and always taking time to brainstorm with clients and develop customized solutions!”
“The Restless team helped us triple the organic traffic on our website within 8 months, created ad campaigns with a direct 2.5x ROI (not including LTV) and launched our online store which went from £3.5k/month to £12k/month within 4 months. Can't recommend enough - a great digital content and marketing partner.”
“Just want to let you know that the video worked great at the [World Habitat Day] event.

A lot of people LOVED it and said that it was the best thing at the ceremony! So thanks a lot for realizing this great idea!”
Katerina Bezgachina
"Restless Stories supported me in organizing a large-scale regional conference. They were responsible for all digital work, including graphic design, video production, social media engagement, newsletters, report design, and countless print branding elements. Working with them was seamless and ensured that the event had strong promotion and audience engagement. It was a resounding success!"
“Perceptive, skilful, helpful, professional, dependable, creative - all these epithets describe Restless Stories. I have turned to Dario for work on website design, social media, filming and stills photography. What is particularly gratifying is that he not only has enviable technical savvy but also have great sensitivity. This is exemplified by the talent that graces his work both visually and musically.”
"It was great to work with Dario. He would come up with solutions for a range of web and digital marketing problems, including SEO and Video Production, which produced some great results."
Alex Wilkes
"The team at Restless Stories are masters at translating the work of an organisation to making it approachable & engaging through effective communications.

I worked with the team for a large, continent wide conference to develop reports, newsletters, graphic design and social media.  Their contributions made the event an overwhelming success."




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