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Creative self-shooting director – I’m a freelance videographer, DOP, photographer in London, UK with a knack for documentaries, music videos and charities.



I'm a freelance videographer/DOP/photographer based in London (UK). I work on music videos, documentaries, events and other marketing material - with a knack for social and artistic projects . I'm also available for web projects - mainly UX, content design & strategy.



Latest blog posts about my projects as a freelance videographer/DOP in London and abroad: documentaries, music videos, promotional videos etc.


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Digital Content Strategy

Video is the future of the web. It can be re-purposed in tons of formats, from blogs to podcasts and infographics. I've worked for the past 8 years on creating content strategies and product launch plans for big and small brands alike. 

Clients include tech start-ups, charities as well as big brands such as Crufts, Channel 4 and BBC Radio Africa, Procter&Gamble, MI7 Records and Bluebird Care.

Instagram: @restless_stories