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Our expertise is in creating content that not only matches your tone and voice but connects with people on an emotional level to drive your desired outcomes. 

We have a proven track record of designing social media advertising that encourages readers and viewers to register for events, sign up as volunteers, send donations, or become members of your organisation. 

Our content is tailored to the specific audience on each social media platform. It will also display at the optimal time to ensure it receives as many views as possible.
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Social media advertising carbon footprint
A report by Purpose Disruptors highlights how advertising is responsible for a 28% increase in the average person's carbon footprint.  

A typical online ad campaign emits 5.4 tons of carbon dioxide - according to Good Loop - equivalent to around 13,000 miles of car travel.

We do everything we can to reduce the CO2 impact of the campaigns we run, such as: 
  • High quality file compression to reducing the size of images and videos
  • Using carbon offsetting (however imperfect that is) and/or donating a portion of the budget to environmental causes
  • Exploring the servers that supply partners use
  • Estimating the carbon footprint of your campaign and/or tracking it in real time to better understand how to lower it.
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Partnerships are at the core of what we do
When we work with organisations, we form a partnership. We share all of our knowledge and expertise to ensure your goals and expectations are exceeded. 

Our team conducts campaign reporting and analyses metrics to validate the desired outcomes are being met.

We will also schedule regular catch-ups with your team members to provide actionable insights and recommendations to help you get an ideal return on investment. Find out more about our social media management services here.
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Social media advertising cost: finding the ideal budget
There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter approach to social media advertising budget. You need a unique presence that resonates with your target audience and drives the right outcomes. 

We personalise our social media advertising services to your organisation and offer variable pricing packages. 

Most of all, we are huge advocates of avoiding vanity metrics and related campaigns. We want to avoid waste (of your time, money and CO2 emissions) at all costs and focus on getting the results that matter.

Our smallest clients' campaigns cost around £500-600 minimum/month, though we recommend allocating at least £1,000/month to yield meaningful results.

Our goal is for everyone to be satisfied.


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