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Build Solid Ground (EU / Habitat for Humanity)

European Union / Habitat for Humanity
More than I can fit in here! Everything from Panasonic GH5 (camera), Verse for interactive videos,
Project Lead / Creative Director

A creative campaign based on a series of documentaries, interactive videos and blog posts as part of the European Union's DEAR programme - to raise awareness on the Sustainable Development Goals 11 with a focus on land rights, slums and gender equality.

Travelling around the world to create an digital campaign on building more inclusive cities, in particular in slums, is a dream project for me. And it's no surprise it's such a good fit, I was behind the original creative brief when the offer to join a consortium of NGOs landed on my desk.

A new type of educational campaign that would make the most of the newest technologies (e.g. 360 and interactive video) as well as a whole variety of formats to reach audiences everywhere: from podcasts to long-form storytelling. To find out more about the project, head to www.citiesforall.org.uk.

Our initial target was to reach 450,000 over three years. We smashed it after only 12 months and thanks to a generous cinema deal we managed to secure, it went up to 6,5 million by the end of year two. The campaign included:

  • Social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube)
  • Social media advertising: Facebook, Instagram & YouTube
  • 30+ Blog posts
  • 40+ videos - from very short to medium length (30 seconds to 15 minutes)
  • 1 cinema advert, distributed UK-wide for 3 months
  • Interactive videos, podcasts and more
  • Reach: +6.5 million people over 2 years

The below are some examples of outputs from the campaign.

Animated videos

In a cross-over with an academic project, we decided to produce a series of "whiteboard animations". Where 99% of what you find on the web is actually drawn on a graphic tablet, with a hand filmed on a green screen added afterwards, we went full on organic.

Making the most of 4K cameras with a delivery in HD, we film the entire drawing process. For the simplest video, like the one below, it took 1.5 hours, while the most complex one totalled nearly 4 hours! Almost some kind of performance art...

Interactive documentaries

This was our first little attempt at an interactive documentary, nothing too fancy but a nice global view of the problem. Next time, aiming for 360 and interactive at the same time.

... And good old fashioned (web) documentaries

We're working on our first "big" one, where we mix a bit of the YouTube filmmaking techniques with a more traditional style. The reason behind that is not only to spice up the end result but also to appeal to younger audiences and introduce a series of NGO-produced films with more personality.

We also created two dozen 2-3min and 60 second clips like this one to further support the creative campaign on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram):

Other than that we also produced a whole lot more content in written format, which you can find here www.citiesforall.org.uk

"It was great to work with Dario. He would come up with solutions for a range of web and digital marketing problems, including SEO and Video Production, which produced some great results."
Alex Wilkes
DrEd.com / Zava
“An efficient and very creative partner for film-making. Helpful and resourceful, he’s always on the lookout for the next big thing.”
“Dario helped us make sense of our social media strategy. They also helped us build a slick website with content that really resonated with our visitors.”
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