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Event photography
Whilst we started our as event photographers in London, our portfolio now includes all types of event photography:
  • Conferences
  • Website imagery
  • Concerts & festivals
  • Dog shows
  • Sporting events
Portrait photography
We've started doing more portrait work in the last three years, covering everything from:
  • Portraits of CEOs
  • Musicians or artists
  • Corporate portraiture
  • Commercial work
  • Social media photoshoots
Our clients
Our photography clients include a broad range of sectors:
  • The NEC, Birmingham
  • The ExCel Centre, London
  • Music bands & recording studios
  • International NGOs & local charities
  • Local charities
  • Tech start-ups
Professional photography costs
The costs of our professional photography range starts at £250 for the simplest local projects - usually complementing a video shoot with photography if time allows it.

The cost can go up to thousands of pounds for more complex shoots and projects requiring more equipment.


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