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Photoshop, Canva, Facebook, Instagram
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We ran several UK-wide Meta (Facebook & Instagram) advertising campaigns, powered by a series of animated gifs, for the launch of Re-engage's new "Call Companions" service during the first lockdown of the pandemic. The launch was a roaring success with over 4,000 applicants over three months.

The charity had never seen such high numbers, a testimony to amazing "product market fit", launching the right service at the right time. This honestly made our jobs easier, a testimony to the power of true marketing - as a search for the right product.

Cost per acquisition (CPA) on Facebook and Instagram remained below £5 throughout the campaign which ran for 4 months. They quickly started developing new, more specific volunteer roles as the main ones filled up so quickly.

In fact, they had never dealt with such a huge number of applicants - let alone in so little time. This prompted the creation of a volunteer admin role to help deal with the tremendous amount of applications.

Below are a few examples of what we create for the campaign. There were also dozens of variations, testing different copy on the same animations. In total over 70 different ad variations were tested to find the winning cocktails.

We also tested regular images with no text, to remove our bias for animation and illustration. Whilst they did perform great (below £10 CPA), they were no match for the catchy animations. Still, it remains crucial to always test and learn. There are always surprises around the corner.

For example, we tested against our own assumptions and localised ads further per nation. In Wales, specifically, we achieved costs below £2 per acquisition.

As we like to paraphrase Socrates: "the only thing we know, is that we know nothing (therefore always test)".

Again there were over 10 used in the campaign so here's a small selection: 

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