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Video production Services for Purpose-Led organisations

Our video production services are for clients big and small, however we do have an affinity for those working to create a positive impact on the world.

Our core mission is the promotion of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the transition to a circular economy. This means that we do everything we can to boost the transition to a sustainable world.

Our clients are museums, charities, social enterprises, start-ups as well as the public, medical & heritage sectors. Currently, 100% of our clients directly support the SDGs through their activities.

UK-Wide, London-based Video production company

Just another way of saying that we produce videos everywhere in the UK and beyond. We've actually got a base in Winchester and Paris, France too.

Our projects have taken us everywhere from Poland and Romania, to Lebanon and Egypt, Brazil and the Philippines.

Building a more sustainable video production company

Find out more about our road to sustainability, and ensure that we walk the talk. A lot of our equipment is now bought second-hand, we're big believers in the circular economy. We're now working on getting certified as a Carbon Literate organisation.

We are constantly reviewing our video production processes to minimise our impact on the environment - right down to our website's carbon footprint - with servers 100% powered by sustainable energy by 2025.

What makes our Video production services Different

We pride in having a human touch and being able to capture the emotion and feeling of the moment or even the place.

We are relentless in going the extra mile and ensuring that everyone is proud of the final product.

Finally, all our 4K video productions are aligned with BBC & Netflix production standards. We also provide photographs and social media support using the material captured for you.
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Video production cost

Video production costs are extremely variable as expected. Everything from renting a location, hiring actors, how polished you want it to look (e.g. level of production value with multiple lights etc), will have an impact.

However the smallest packages we've charged start around £2,000 for things such as simple video marketing campaigns and social media videos.

We are keen to work around your video budget - within what we can afford to do - so that everyone comes out happy.

Video production packages

Our core objective is to produce effective videos that lead to real results for your organisation. This will always be the best way to justify the cost of video production.

For more affordable rates and simpler projects, you can also hire a freelance videographer.

Agile Production

per project
Ideation & basic script
Up to 2 people crew (e.g. camera operator & sound engineer)
1-2 days editing - basic VFX work/titles
1-2 speaker/voice over artist
One day filming
Owned location (no renting costs)
English captions/subtitles included
1-2 simple social media versions
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per project
This is where we need to know more about the project, e.g.:
Renting a huge location that costs thousands
Heavy VFX work
Hiring more costly actor
All of this can easily push the pricing into the £10-20k mark
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Types of video production

More information on these services coming soon. Do get in touch if you have any questions about these video production services or any type we haven't listed yet.

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We've worked on adverts for nationwide shows and events as well as short, snappy ones for social campaigns.
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Aerial videos
Our drone videography spans luxury housing, documentary filmmaking as well as surveying the impact of plastic pollution.
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Animated videos
We're huge fans of animation and work mainly in 2D with some 3D too. We've produced short films and music videos.
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Charity videos
From case studies to cinemas adverts, series of fundraising videos for social media as well as charity profiles - believe us, we've done it all.
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Corporate videos
From healthcare start-ups to  social businesses, we've created company profiles for dozens of businesses. We love creating emotion and connection.
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Our productions have aired on ITV & the BBC as well as online. We find the emotive stories at the heart of sustainable cities, inclusive projects & beyond.
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Event videos
We love the run and gun aspect of event filmmaking. We've covered several events at the NEC, ExCel London, St James's Palace as well as housing forums in Egypt & Poland.
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Music videos
We've filmed more gigs than we can count (or recount), along with over 20 music videos and even more acoustic sessions. Get in touch to create some memorable videos.
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Real estate videos
We've worked on housing projects for years, including documentaries on slums and affordable housing. We use our work on luxury homes to fund more SDG-friendly activities.

Let's discuss your next project

Feel free to get in touch even if you project is only at the idea stage.
We love developing new concepts and finding the right approach and voice for all kinds of campaigns.

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Everything you need to know about our video production company processes and offerings. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please get in touch with our team.
Scripting and storyboarding
We offer scripting and storyboarding services, but we're also open to working with scripts provided by clients.
Editing and post-production
Basic editing and post-production are typically included in our services, with more advanced editing (e.g. mixing animation and live footage) available for an additional fee.
Special requests and styles
We are flexible and can accommodate special requests and various video styles, including animation, documentary, promotional, and more.
Licensing and copyright
We ensure that all necessary licensing and copyright considerations are addressed to protect your content legally, including any music included in your project.

You are free to monetise your finished video wherever you want online. You might need to pay an additional license fee to use it on TV and/or cinemas however - please discuss with our team.
Revisions and feedback
We have a structured process for client feedback and revisions throughout the production to ensure the final product aligns with your vision.

We use online tools to make the review process easier and clearer for everyone. It automates timestamps and allows you to click on a specific part of the image to discuss any changes you might want.
Distribution and marketing
While our initial focus will beon videography and production, we often provide a wider strategy on distribution and marketing approaches to make sure that your film has maximum impact.
References and portfolio
We have an extensive portfolio showcasing our previous work, and we can provide references from satisfied clients upon request. You can also see examples of our portfolio on our website.
We use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure high-quality video production that meets industry standards set by the BBC and Netflix. We are also completely comfortable filming on a high-end smartphone and fully embrace the philosophy of adopting the right tool for the right job.
Project timeline
 We work closely with our clients to establish realistic timelines, which vary depending on the project's complexity and scale. This depends on
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