About US

Creative collective

We're a London-based creative collective working as a creative agency and a creative studio. This means we can bring in extra talent for whatever project. Because more and more, projects span several media formats.

This allows us to experiment on our own projects (documentaries, books) and transfer that knowledge onto clients. And sometimes vice versa too.

How we work

Primarily, we function as a video production agency (over 50% of our projects) but given that our team's skills also includes digital marketing, photography, animation and more, we tend to bundle these up in our packages.

It makes more sense that way, and allows us to create synergies between our services.

We work with start-ups, social businesses, charities and artists on music videos, documentaries, events and other marketing material. We also love digital projects, and have contributed to the launch and relaunch of 30+ websites, from design to UX and content strategy.

Purpose-led filmmaking

We see ourselves as activists and artists with a good business sense. For the past 10 years, we've helped purpose-led brands and NGOs run more efficiently, assisting with their digital transformation - and making academic research on ways to tackle poverty more widely available to everyone.

We've also directed several documentaries highlighting issues such as urban and rural poverty, filming in slums in the Philippines and Brazil as well as refugee camps in Lebanon.

Our road to becoming a sustainable creative agency

Find out more about our road to sustainability, and ensure that we walk the talk.

We've launched our own plastic pick up projects and offer pro-bono consulting for start-ups tackling climate change and the waste crisis when we can.

We also know that it's not an easy road. But to avoid all the blatant greenwashing going on, the key is transparency and a clear transition plan.

When producing videos, we rely on very low-emission vehicles (almost no road taxed due to great fuel economy) and public transport for now. But we're planning on moving to electric vehicles by 2024 and charge them with renewable energy only.

Whilst carbon offsets are a decent temporary solution, we don't believe in using them in the long run. They allow you to conduct your (dirty) business as usual. The goal remains to stop polluting entirely, not to buy your way out of it.

Being a remote-first organisation, our home offices are already powered by renewable energy with some carbon offsetting for gas usage. We're working on a plan to move to heat source air pumps to remove the use of gas entirely.

As for our website's carbon footprint, all the images and videos on our website are as compressed as they can be to minimise its impact. About 50% of our server are powered by renewables and will reach 100% by 2025.

Server storage for our files however, will be powered by renewables by 2030. We're investigating alternatives for a quicker rollout.

Our pension investments are fossil fuel free, however our banking (Revolut) isn't and we will switch to Starling by Q1 of 2023.

It's not perfect but we're getting there bit by bit.

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