Ally & Bibi: Back to the Jungle

A children's book on sustainability & the SDGs

A Great Big Green Adventure

Changing our way of life has become vital to our survival. And so is changing the hearts and minds of everyone to create true system change.

So, we've written a children's book on sustainability to educate children and parents alike. Mainstreaming the United Nation's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development remains one of the biggest hurdles to widespread adoption.

A solution to eco-anxiety

Sustainability can be a very complex topic. But the all solutions already exist and some are incredibly simple.

We don't need to wait for a techno-venture to save us all. And nature can help us clean the worst of all forms of pollutions (including PFAS, "forever chemicals").

Why a children's book on the SDGs

The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are a complex topic (we might even say "story") that needs to be broken down to its core fundamentals: life on Earth is in jeopardy.

Our way of life is destructive and simply unsustainable. For people to care, one key ingredient is needed: emotion.

This is how we best connect with causes, people and animals - children and adults alike. So we've focused on building a strong story, with strong visuals.

All whilst somehow managing to fit in all 17 SDGs to introduce the foundations for social and environmental justice.

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children's book on sustainability & SDGs

They loved the book

children's book on sustainability & SDGs

The start of a journey

When Ally realises that Bibi - a birthday gift from his parents - isn't happy among humans, she decides to help him find his family.

They travel across the country to find them and meet people fighting to protect forests and oceans. To build a fairer, more sustainable world for all.

An environmental story about hope

We wanted the story to show the beauty of the natural world, but also that it was constantly being threatened by human presence.

That's why the book focuses on solutions rather than problems. On hope rather than despair.

We hope you draw inspiration from those amazing people and ideas featured in the book. Most are taken from the real world, although a few imagine more sustainable versions of existing concepts (such as wooden wind turbines).

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"Ally & Bibi: Back to the Jungle"

A picture book about the environment & social justice

When Ally receives Bibi - a wild monkey - as a birthday pet, her life is turned upside down. As they become close friends, she decides to help him return to his home in the jungle, braving many dangers and meeting incredible people.

Join them in this heartfelt cross-country adventure set in a fictional Brazil, exploring the challenges that we and our planet face, as well as the solutions that exist to create a better future for everyone.

For Ally, it is a story about friendship and making the right decision despite her own feelings as well as eventually finding her place and purpose in the world.

For Bibi, it is a story about staying true to himself, kindness and giving people a second chance.

children's book on sustainability & SDGs
children's book on sustainability & SDGs

A tool against climate anxiety

Ally & Bibi is an innovative children's book that refers to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - a unique framework to make the human and natural world a better place and understand how all aspects of our lives are interconnected.

It's about protecting our environment and everyone's lives within it.

To help everyone improve their impact on climate change, waste and pollution, at the end of the picture book you will find:

  • 3 sustainable actions for children
  • 3 sustainable actions for adults

The book provides a great introduction on simple but effective ways to fight climate change for kids as well as an initial guide for how to talk about climate change with your children by focusing on solutions rather than challenges.

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The team behind the book

We are an eclectic team of educators, writers, visual storytellers and artists - some of us with years of experience in making scientific research available to the wider public.

That's why our mission with this children's book was to make sustainability as easy to understand for little ones through an inspiring and exciting story.

  • Dario Berrebi: Author & Creative Lead on the project
  • Hannah Warsame: Author
  • Edouard Lagrue: Editor
  • Dmytro Bidnyak: Illustrator
  • Robert Hong: Illustrator

A picture book to inspire change

1. Connect

Spending time with family in a relaxed way, without feeling like we're at school, is key to pass on knowledge. Stories connect with our primal selves and have always been a tool for survival.

2. Educate

Educative elements will be part of the subtext and context of the story. But first, we need children (ages 3-6) to care deeply about the story and its protagonists for maximum effect.

3. Inspire action

At the end of the book, we delve in details on the SDGs (in simple terms!) and how they relate to each relevant part of the book. We show how concrete actions can help change the world.

4. Reach out to parents

We're not just targeting kids. Many parents too would love to know how they can do more, that's why we're giving 3 simple actions for kids and their parents that have a big impact.

About the printing process

We will be relying on a "print on demand" process. This means that the printers will only produce units as they're ordered, which reduces excess production.

They also maintain a minimum standard regarding recycling waste materials resulting from the printing process and from daily office operations, which we hope will further reduce the environmental impact of the book.

Bear with us as we investigate ever more sustainable printing alternatives.

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