Mental Health in the NHS

Campaigns about mental health and depression among healthcare professionals


A Fundraiser for King's College Hospital

To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Day, we partnered with RONY to create a somewhat haunting and healing music video on mental health issues and self-care.

The video was produced for a fundraiser run by King's College Hospital and served to raise awareness of the mental health issues among the staff as well as to help fund the construction of the hospital's helipad which now serves a population of 4.5 million across south-east London and Kent.


a First lockdown response

We were worried about the limited resources for mental health support in the NHS during the first wave of COVID-19.

So, we decided to campaign with musician RONY to trial the UK's first ever in-team NHS psychologists at Northwick Park Hospital (a requirement in France). Psychologists who are part of the team and respond to them, not the hospital. People they can learn to trust and open up to.

The video was viewed +15,000 times and RONY appeared on national TV news 4 times (BBC, ITV, Channel 4) as well as in a documentary and national press (The Guardian, Daily Mirror).

And, for a fundraising song - +£10,000 raised for the NHS trial programme - it's really quite good! 

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