A sci-fi space odyssey about music and the environment

Writing an eco-minded space opera

Both a personal challenge - to come up with the most simple and cost-efficient way to animate stories - and a musical partnership, Ecstasy is our project to build TV-inspired episodic content for an entire music album. One track equals one episode.

The story follows the formation of a band of rebels, musicians and lovers who stand up against a dictator's ban on music. In a world where music holds the fabric of the universe together, the autocrat's short termism and obsession with order is slowly but surely killing planets one by one. The government has no other choice but to keep colonising and finding new planets to inhabit.

For the Love of animation

We're huge fans of Japanese animes (and some American ones), some among us even speak fluent Japanese! For this project though, we wanted a mixture of Western and Eastern styles.

Our idea is that with each new episode, we will refine our "fast animation" technique and see how good we can get at producing quick and affordable animations (for music videos, corporate work or other).

Needless to say, for a more professional result, we simply get our favourite animators and motion designers on the job!

Project update

The project is now on hold whilst we work on more pressing projects.
Our current plan is to: 

  • Produce a graphic novel of episode 1, using the drawings made for the video. We've got quite a bit of copy to write!
  • Pitch the idea as a short TV series, as we had originally written a story for 8 episodes (4 being fully written) and we'd love to secure some funding for it.
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