Digital Consultant

Digital strategy for all
I've worked with companies from all walks of life, creating the right content and digital strategy for them:
  • Tech startups
  • Charities & international NGOs
  • Small businesses
  • Media companies
  • Video editing & light VFX work
  • Online distribution & marketing
Website & SEO strategy
I believe in adding value to the web.  And that's why I love true organic SEO, working with the search engines rather than against them.

We'll review together the best content strategy and information architecture that work for your site, on all devices. I run workshops and consult on:
  • Information architecture
  • Duration& complexity of the shoot (extra equipment needed etc)
  • Complexity of the edit (VFX, 4K)
  • Licensing music/soundtracks
Music video production
Are you looking for a concept or do you have something specific in mind?  

I can help you refine your idea and remain within budget. In this day and age, traditional music video production isn't everything anymore and isn't the most affordable option.

You can create a relationship with your fanbase on so many levels, from super-produced clips to semi-produced covers and live broadcasting.

Get in touch with me to build your own SEO or social media strategy, or even building some quick database-driven apps,  micro-sites or professional-looking blogs.
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