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Low Budget Animated Music Video Production: God Sleeps at Night

Adobe After Effects, Photoshop
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Adobe After Effects, Photoshop
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Creative Director
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A super low-budget project also used to validate a proof of concept to create an animated video under £2,000. The comic book approached served us perfectly, creating a unique identity and removing the need for more complex and costly animation.

A rather strange title for a very naughty song, we just loved the vibe of the entire project: audio, visuals and all. RONY wanted to experiment with animation production but came to us with a very low budget: less than £2,000.

We could have gone with smoother animations but it would have had to go on a loop or be very slow to fill the +3min of the song. So we decided to aim for storytelling instead and recreate a comics vibe - as if flicking through a book. Storytelling is obviously very dear to our hearts and we're glad that RONY felt the same way.

Fun fact: the song is actually based on a popular belief in Mauritania that God does sleep at night, so it's the time to let yourself go and blow off some steam! Apparently a great time to be naughty, or so we were told...

This was a great project to develop which we did from scratch:

  • Concept
  • Story
  • Storyboard
  • Concept art
  • Illustrations
  • Video editing
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