Ethical Marketing Pledge

Recognizing the impact marketing has on shaping the world we live in

At Restless Stories, we acknowledge that our marketing practices hold the power to influence perceptions, desires, and behaviors.

Today, we take a stand to make a positive difference.

We hereby pledge to uphold the principles of transparent, responsible, and honest marketing, and to champion ethical practices in the industry.


We commit to transparency in all our marketing efforts. We will clearly and accurately communicate the features, benefits, and limitations of our products and services. We will provide information that empowers consumers to make informed decisions without ambiguity or manipulation. Through transparent communication, we aim to build trust and foster authentic connections with our audience.


We recognize our responsibility in the cycle of consumerism. We will no longer rely on fear-based tactics or psychological manipulation to drive sales. Instead, we will focus on highlighting the genuine value our offerings bring to the lives of our customers. We will actively engage in conversations that challenge assumptions and encourage critical thinking, steering away from exploiting vulnerabilities for short-term gains.


We pledge to uphold the highest standards of honesty in our marketing endeavors. We will avoid exaggerations, false claims, and misleading information. Our aim is to build lasting relationships based on truth and integrity. We will openly admit our mistakes and continuously strive to improve our practices, setting an example for ethical conduct in the marketing landscape.


We recognize that ethical marketing has the power to empower both consumers and businesses. We commit to using our marketing platform to educate, inspire, and elevate individuals. We will promote values that contribute positively to society and foster sustainable consumption habits. By supporting informed decision-making, we aim to break the cycle of insatiable consumerism.


We understand that change requires collective effort. We pledge to collaborate with other businesses, organizations, and individuals who share our commitment to ethical marketing. Together, we will amplify our impact and create a movement that challenges the status quo and leads the industry towards a more responsible and humane approach to marketing.

We, Restless Stories, wholeheartedly embrace this Ethical Marketing Pledge. We believe that by taking a proactive stand against unethical practices, we can reshape the marketing landscape for the betterment of society and the well-being of our planet. We invite you to join us in this journey to create a world where marketing is a force for good, promoting authenticity, trust, and meaningful connections.

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