becoming a sustainable communications & marketing agency

We're a London- & Winchester=based creative collective working as a marketing & creative agency working across communications, video production, digital marketing & more. You can find out more about what makes us unique here.

Beyond our core team, we also foster a network of incredible talent all over the UK, from Scotland to Bristol & Cornwall - for all project and budget sizes. Because increasingly, projects span a multitude of formats, channels & competencies.

We've now also published our own children's book on the Sustainable Development Goals.

The road to becoming a sustainable creative agency

Find out more about our road to sustainability, and ensure that we walk the talk.

We've launched our own plastic pick up project and offer pro-bono consulting when we can for start-ups & charities tackling climate change and the waste crisis.

We also know that it's not an easy road. But to avoid all the blatant greenwashing going on, the key is transparency and a clear transition plan.

Sustainable video production

When producing videos, we rely on very low-emission small vehicles (only 4 trips in 2022) and mostly public transport whenever we can - 9 out of 10 trips in 2022. But we're planning on moving to electric vehicles by 2024 and charge them with renewable energy only.

Whilst carbon offsets are a decent temporary solution, we don't believe in using them in the long run. They allow you to conduct your (dirty) business as usual. The goal remains to stop polluting entirely, not to buy your way out of it.

Renewable energy powered website

As for our website's carbon footprint, all the images and videos on our website are as compressed as they can be to minimise its impact. Our website hosting itself is 100% powered by renewable energy.

Server storage for our files however, will be powered by renewables by 2025. We're investigating alternatives for a quicker rollout.

74% of our audited pages generate less than 1g of CO2 per page view - as per this report (PDF) by the Eco-Friendly Web Alliance.

Roadmap to greener operations

Being a remote-first organisation, our key home offices are already powered by renewable energy with some carbon offsetting for gas usage. We're working on a plan to move to heat source air pumps to remove the use of gas entirely.

This also drastically reduces the need for commuting. And we exclusively use trains for business meetings.

Fossil free pensions & banking

Our pension investments are fossil fuel free, using Nest's award winning Ethical Fund.

However our banking (Revolut) isn't as good as we'd like and we are planning a switch to Starling - which has one of the highest ratings for sustainability - by Q2 of 2023.

It's not perfect but we're getting there bit by bit.

Carbon literate staff

At the moment, our Managing Director is certified carbon literate and will start running our own Carbon Literacy workshops in Q2 or Q3 of 2023.

Our plan is to become a certified Carbon Literate organisation by the end of 2023.

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