A short post on freelancing - to crystallise a conversation I've had with many self-employed friends recently on the topic. We've realised there are 3 basic qualities to freelancing.

Three pillars if you wish.

You don't have to have all of them, but you need at least 2 out of 3 to be a successful freelancer. Here they are:

  1. Deliver on time
  2. Quality work
  3. Be a nice person

Scenario 1 - You....

  • Deliver on time
  • Deliver quality work
  • Aren't really great to work with (let's assume you're not a total a#hole)

You'll be fine, because people will need you. Great work delivered on time? Hells yes.

Scenario 2 - You...

  • Deliver on time
  • Are super nice to work with
  • Don't deliver great work (but assuming it's half-decent, or you do the bare minimum)

It's your full-time profession, so we won't assume your work is totally bad. But still you deliver on time and you're a great, funny guy to be around? Of course they'll always find you some projects to work on. The marketing team likes you! (or whichever team you work with)

Scenario 3 - You...

  • Deliver too late
  • Are an awesome dude or "dudesse"
  • Deliver amazing work

Sure, you won't get some of the very time-sensitive project. But believe me if you deliver amazing work, for the long-run projects where you're stuck with someone over months and months of work, you will be their prime choice !

See - you only need 2 out of 3.

So now go get'em and make some amazing work, delivered on time with a smile ! :-)