Hummus Stories: Tel Aviv Before and After the Storm (Part 1)

You know what they say... Hummus is the one thing the Middle East has in common. And all food lovers will agree -albeit naively, but it's the simplicity of the argument that counts - the region deserves peace for that. This post does not take any sides but prefer offering slides. The issue is far more complex than most would have you believe. We do not condone the acts of governments and organisations on either sides of the many conflicts that mar the entire region.

This isn't meant to be an expert photo documentary but merely an introduction to the region as we discovered it, that's why I thought I'd just let the photos do the talking. With time, I hope this portfolio will extend to other countries in the region as part of a new series of photos "Hummus stories".

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The promenade towards Jaffa

Sandstorm, beach and shuk