Hummus Stories: Acre-Akko and Surroundings (part 2)

Part two of this trip begins with the city of Acre. The population of the old town has remained Arab with a local market and a few historical landmarks left by the Templars and port life, while the new town has seen a majority of Jews settle there. We've heard of a few clashes recently, so I abstained to openly notice how arab cities had a lot more charm and authenticity in general. The Israelis have a knack for purely functional - and absolutely horrid - architecture. Let's not even call that design. In many ways if or when there is design, it looks very soviet-ish and having lived in China I could recognise that style anywhere. There's a good reason for that, a lot of Israelis have come from the ex-USSR where they were prosecuted.

The old Acre, therefore, has a lot more charm than most other cities we've seen, looking more "real". Something that wasn't built in the dreadful concrete style of the 1960s. 

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