Working in Slums: Volunteers in the Philippines

This is an exciting video project is an ongoing series for Habitat for Humanity. They have sent a team of volunteers in the Philippines to work in slums there, rehabilitating and upgrading makeshift homes into typhoon-resistant homes.

Made on a very short trip, it was difficult to get some quality time for interviews with the volunteers who were completely knackered most of the time. Still, we managed to find some slots, the sound isn't great on these first episodes and the look of the videos is still a bit inconsistent as we're still defining the look of the series. It wasn't really planned as a series at first but was supposed to be one documentary. 

 This is looking to be a quite long-term series now so we decided to play around at first with the look to get what we wanted. For YouTube purposes, we have decided to go down a different route in order to boost their channel, target multiple keywords via multiple videos and get better engagement. Pretty exciting now to work on international filming projects and I can't wait to see where this will take us next.