Production of Music Video 'Strong' for Rony Trio

A low budget production: brains vs brawn

Aside from paying the filming and editing, this was a fairly low budget video production. The hospital we partnered with to raise funds for their cause has let us use their chapel to film, and the "actors" are all volunteers. Unfortunately there was an insane amount of red tape around filming in the hospital so that was not an option. 

In the end it did not matter as we decided the end result would be very low-key, only briefly suggesting the medical background of the song. It's already very melodramatic, so there was no need to overdo it in the video and it was great to agree on that.

The second reason is that rather than making it gory and whatnot we wanted it to be about the people. Not the blood. You can now listen & pre-order their debut EP here, it will help the band rank in the UK charts and fundraise for the hospital!

Head to Rony Trio’s website to listen to their delightful debut EP and pre-order it, every little helps !

Likewise because we were filming the portraits (or "paintings" as we called them) in slow-motion, when directing people we had to make sure they did not overdo it. Every single emotion is magnified in slow-motion so they could just be themselves and try to express their feelings of the moment with their eyes and subtle expressions.

Finally the lighting on the roof was very easy and again very streamlined to give it a raw-ish effect, yet with enough lighting to complement to the beauty of the urban landscape.

Music video director/editor: Dario Berrebi / Restless Stories
Music distribution: Believe Digital
Camera & equipment: Panasonic GH4, Manfrotto tripod, Konova K3 slider plus a few simple lights. 
Lenses: Olympus 75mm f2.8 & Sigma 18-35 f1.8 with Speedbooster.