The Cutest of the Cute at Crufts 2015

Crufts 2015 was eventful to say the least. Despite all the controversy that happened at the show -we are also deeply concerned by the long-term health and welfare implications of poor breeding practices - it remains a gigantic celebration of dogs that is hard to ignore for dog lovers.

Still, for us it remained a great opportunity to take more photographs of lovely mutts and experience with the latest technology (apps, high-speed wifi dongles & bluetooth connectivity between cameras, smartphones and tablets) at the event to coordinate the capture, editing and sending of quality photos while running around the event.

Here are some of my favourite shots from around the show...

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Gundog group

Amazingly cute golden retriever posing for the camera near one of the show rings.

Irish setter trying to lure me into setting him free - with those big eyes

Unfortunately some of them - like those poor Spaniels - did have to wait a few hours in crates.

Fortunately some of them did seem to have a better time, and a nice blanket to sleep on.

A clumber spaniel also enjoying some serious nap time.

Utility group

A dalmatian enjoying himself in the show ring

You might think this is a bulldog, but really it's a hamburger that looks like a bulldog - a hamberdog... or a bullger. At least that's what I see. 

Japanese shiba inu going wild in the show ring

Won't hurt closing this dog group with a classy Boston terrier.

Working group

Naps are better when there's someone else to share them with! Especially when you're as huge as a dogue de Bordeaux.

Looks like it's time to go home for this unbearably cute boxer. They have such a range of facial expressions!

Toy group

A whippet looking as desperate as ever :)

And finally the pug - one of the most popular breeds in the UK!