From Samothraki to the Pelion

The perfect photo album to fight the winter blues ! This is a Greek trip to not-so touristy places (overall) we took last summer and that I've finally managed to find the time to edit and put online. Enjoy the warm feeling coming out of these photos.

Samothraki, the alternative (hippie) island

This greek trip started badly from the very first day I landed. A greek friend in charge of showing us the country, introducing us to the locals - a perfect ground for a documentary - ditched us the minute we got there. And so we ended up improvising a 2-week trip across the country! For me this ended up being one huge reckon mission for a future documentary, and for now it'd be a small photo-diary. First stop: Samothraki.

The island, also favoured by nudists, who mingle quite casually with friendly hippies and the locals, benefits from very alternative tourism so far and offers some stunning raw landscapes. Don't miss the hikes that lead to the many waterfalls. The purest water you'll bathe in and drink. And then head back to the beach for a warm bath in the sea - although it's extremely rocky in the first few metres when you get in.

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The Meteora - high on a prayer 

Second destination across the greek peninsula. Quite an adventure to get there, one morning bus across Samothraki, a boat ride, another 2 hours bus ride, then a 3 hours drive from Thessaloniki to a village by the Meteora.

Truly amazing monasteries built centuries ago atop these pointy, surreal mountains that seem to have grown out of the blue . It's very touristy but if you get there relatively early, you'll avoid the crowds and stay ahead of them.

The Pelion Peninsula

Heading to the Pelion was a bit of an unkown, it's apparently not a hugely touristic area but the photos we saw were more than enough to convince us.

Not easy to access due to the small roads, there are no buses or trains going to the tiny peninsula so we were glad we had rented a car. From there it's just the perfect road trip across mountains, charming small villages, stunning seaside scenery and creeks. Of all the regions we saw, that's the one I'm most interested in going back to for a mini-documentary.