The Mystery Shoot: A Music Video with Heart

This was one strange, yet joyful shoot. I can't tell if it lasted 2 days or 2-4 months. The song itself was a few years in the making and was re-recorded, re-written a few times. Every time perfected, every time with more groove, hooks and heart. So I've started following Rony Trio around with as little gear as possible, in three recording studios in London, capturing sessions, the mood of the moment, the choices, the hesitations and so on. 

We thought we'd use a lot of this footage for future making-of projects but it made sense to integrate it in this music video to hint at how much work had gone into the song and the album - even if at the time we thought it'd be only a live video to promote the band at festivals.

But the event we organised at the Tamesis Dock - a "floating pub" full of character - was one hell of a gig. An amazing crowd, an amazing vibe, we worked hard on making sure that we were building the right atmosphere for everyone to have an memorable party. And boy they did ! It was truly a thing of beauty to see the interaction between the band and the crowd. So much happiness crammed into one moment and captured in video !

From then on, it became obvious that it would become a real music video. So we had to film more scenes that could complement and enhance the very special vibe from the concert. So we simply went back to the place a month later with a few friends, summer was gone (sigh), but I knew what we needed so again worked to build a similar atmosphere and make sure that everyone would have a great time. Making it look as natural, spontaneous and friendly as possible. And it was!

Then, getting close friends and families to help was only the best way to top it all. Some tasty icing on one jovial cake !

Now sit down, relax and watch the video. Or... get up and go give your neighbour a hug. You both deserve one. Then... dance :)