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Find a freelance videographer in London, the UK & Beyond

You can hire a freelance videographer through our studio's network, whether it's in London, Bristol, Manchester or pretty much anywhere in the UK. We're also expanding our network across Germany, France and East Africa.

This means you can be flexible production-wise, hiring extra crew if need be, and being able to work on projects of very different sizes - and budgets.

For larger projects, fout more about our video production services here.

Trusted by 60+ companies

An experienced Collective

Our network of freelance videographers have worked on all types of videos, from commercial productions, TV and cinema adverts to music videos, interviews and documentaries.

Our experience spans the following areas:
  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Filming: DOP/cinematography
  • Video editing & light VFX work
  • Online distribution & marketing

Documentary work in the UK and abroad

Our network of freelance videographers has been involved in amazing documentary work, partly through our project on poverty and social development as well as recent commissions from the European Commission and the UN Peacekeeping mission.

We also speak the following languages which has helped tremendously in our international documentary work:
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Swahili

Freelance videography costs

The pricing for video production varies greatly, but our freelance filmmakers usually charge a flat rate of about £350-450/day across different types of video production projects. You'll need to take into account any pre-production and editing needs too.

This allows to form transparency and trust. Most videography projects cost from about £750 for the simplest ones to several thousands for larger ones.

The cost of video production depends on: length of the final video, duration & complexity of the shoot (renting a space, make up, lights, equipment rental), complexity of the edit (VFX, 4K etc), licensing specific songs, etc.

London-based videography

We pride in having a human touch and being able to capture the emotion and feeling of the moment or even the place.

We are relentless in going the extra mile and ensuring that everyone is proud of the final product.

Finally, all our 4K video productions are aligned with BBC & Netflix production standards. We also provide photographs and social media support using the material captured for you.
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How much does it cost?

videography Rates

Everything you need to know about the cost of hiring one of our videographers. Rates are usually around £400-500/day which will include ideation, scriptwriting and postproduction.
Freelance videographer packages (UK / France / Germany)
Our core objective is to produce effective videos that lead to real results for your organisation. This will always be the best way to justify the cost of video production. For larger projects, you can also hire a video production crew.

The One-man band (mostly)

per project
Ideation & basic script
Up to 2 people crew (e.g. camera operator & sound engineer)
2-3 days editing - basic VFX work/titles
1-2 speaker/voice over artist
One day filming
Owned location (no renting costs)
English captions/subtitles included
1-2 simple social media versions
UK-, France- & Germany-based filming
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The BESPOKE Package

per project
This is where we need to know more about the project, e.g.:
Renting a huge location that costs thousands
Heavy VFX work
Hiring more costly actor
All of this can easily push the pricing into the £10-20k mark
International travel: >2,000 miles (travel costs not included)
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Freelance video editing packages
Looking to hire a freelance video editor instead? We've got you covered.
Here are examples of our video editing packages. Hopefully, it gives you an idea of how we work and how much it costs to hire a video editor.

The Social package

for 4 social media videos
10 working day turnaround
Animated captions/subtitles
3 revisions
2x high impact videos - with light animation & VFX into the edit
2x 45-90 second short social videos, taken from headshot interview
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The Corporate documentary

From £4,000+
per project
Ideation, scriptwriting and storyboarding
2-3 day shoot
6-12 working day edit
Up to 4 speakers/actors/VO artist
Captions in up to 2 languages
Includes 3 revisions
Animated titles & logo
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Animation packages
Looking to create an animated explainer, music video or documentary? 
We work with amazing talent based across the world, in 2D, 3D and interactive video to suit most budgets.

The Easy Explainer

From £1,800
2D animated project
Up to 90 seconds
Ideation, scriptwriting and basic storyboard
Animated captions/subtitles
1-2 speaker/voice over artist
3 revisions
Includes English captions
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The Cinematic Piece

From £8,000+
2D/3D animated project
Up to 4-5 minutes
Ideation, scriptwriting and storyboarding
Cinematic animation styles
Animated titles & logo
Up to 4 speakers/actors/VO artist
Captions in up to 3 languages
Unlimited revisions
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Music video packages
The price of music videos varies a lot on the concept you have in mind and the resources needed to make it a reality.
But in this day and age, there are incredible tools available to lower the cost of more complex projects too.

The Live Action Video

From £2,000+
per project
Real people, real cameras
Ideation, scriptwriting and storyboarding
4K Broadcast & Netflix quality cameras
Live recording sessions with studio lights
Up to 4x 30-60sec social versions
Includes 4 revisions
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The Animated Music

From £5,000
Fully animated
Covers different styles of animation
Ideation, scriptwriting and storyboarding
Cost will vary greatly depending on the animation style
Up to 4 key characters
Includes 5 revisions
4x 30-60sec social versions
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How we work
Depending on preferences, we manage our client projects in Asana, Trello or Notion.

Beyond the usual "Zoom call" (although we're more of the Google Meet kind), we're expert at asynchronous communications, frequently relying on Looms (video recordings) as well as voice notes and WhatsApp groups for bigger projects ( so we're always just a text away).

We'll start your project with a Discover call to get the full picture of your needs and objectives - to avoid any misunderstanding and miscommunication down the line.

Essentially, we can do both. We usually go through the limited company for larger projects and that's where clients can claim VAT, however for smaller ones we tend to be hired as digital consultants or freelance videographers - but both options are possible.
Where we've worked
We're Londoners at heart (among other places 😁) and we've filmed projects all over the city from corporate documentaries in Islington to NHS films in Denmark Hill and studio sessions with musicians in East Acton or Hackney.

Since then, we've expanded further South to Hampshire & Cornwall and ran videography projects further up the North in the Peak District and Scotland.

Aside from that you will often find us - or our carefully selected freelance videographers - in France, Germany, China and East Africa.

Let's discuss your next project

Feel free to get in touch even if you project is only at the idea stage.
We love developing new concepts and finding the right approach and voice for all kinds of campaigns.

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