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Why real estate agencies need a video marketing strategy

Most properties in the UK and Europe still lack a proper real estate video, whereas the vast majority of e-commerce websites have largely adopted and understood the value of video production.

And yet as far as marketing goes, the interest is real and we see agencies with a dedicated video marketing strategy stand out hugely. Our clients tend to attract organic views across social media and YouTube almost effortlessly.

It's not just about your buyers. Offering video as a default might just be the tool that makes you more attractive to potential sellers too.

All in one packages: aerial drone capture, 4k broadcast video capture & photography

The lack of integrated video marketing is a shame. It's an opportunity to shine across web and social media and - we believe - a wasted opportunity given that properties are such a high value asset, especially compared to the cost of video production.

Be it just to attract more and better listings.

We're also experienced photographers. Aerial videography also comes as a standard (more on that below), After all, it makes much more sense to do it all in one go and maximise our time on site to produce as much content as possible.

A sample of our work

Keeping our sustainability commitment

As of January 2023, we have decided to focus on sustainability in the built environment - in particular promoting smart, sustainable cities and affordable housing.

Since we have developed very specialised skills in the sector of luxury real estate videos (alongside a network of talented videographers across the UK and Europe), we wouldn't want that expertise to go to waste, would we? 

So, we have decided that any revenue from this activity would go directly to fund our sustainable activities: new campaigns, promoting Carbon Literacy, supporting charities, developing new sustainability books and so on.

The problem with 3D mapping

We've tried using 3D mapping for properties but have found that it doesn't compare. It has its uses, but it works better at the conversion stage, when people already know that they like the property.

Why? It's all about user experience.

It's a tool that requires constant interaction. A bit exhausting for your users, especially if you consider having to look at dozens and dozens of properties.

A video lets you take the viewer on a journey.

Kick back, relax and enjoy the show. This is the very reason why 360 video still hasn't taken off.

Broadcast quality aerial videography for real estate
We are licensed to commercially fly in urban environments and offer real estate drone videography in cities and rural areas. We offer aerial videography as part of all our projects up to TV broadcast standards.

In fact, all our 4K real estate video productions are shot with BBC & Netflix approved cameras.

We can also provide photographs and social media support using the raw material captured on the day if you're interested.

With only one video shoot, you'll come back with a whole marketing package to promote your property.

Property videography pricing

We offer affordable real estate videography packages for most budgets, starting at £1,400 for most 4-5 bedroom properties.

Videography for luxury properties tend to cost somewhere between £1,400-£3,000.

This includes filming, editing and 2 revisions. We will soon add specific packages to this page to give you a clearer view of what you get for each price bracket.

What drives the cost of real estate videos

The cost will depend on your requirements, whether it's adding time-lapses, actors, complex scenes, 3D/animated text, etc. For luxury real estate videography and larger properties, we usually require more time to cover the place in detail.

Re-shoots are also a big driver of cost, so it's important to plan ahead properly to avoid wasting resources. However, we understand that some things are be out of our control and we're always happy to provide a re-shoot - at a discounted cost.

Let's discuss your next project

Video truly shows your commitment to buyers and sellers to stand out in a very crowded market and to provide an excellent service.

We have produced videos for luxury properties in the UK and in France, and we're keen to work with real estate agencies to find the right pricing model for regular properties too.  

Choose us, and you're choosing a team that's battle-tested, ready to elevate your social media presence, and committed to helping you achieve your goals in the digital realm.

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“A creative agency that is excellent at managing digital content and social media platforms not forgetting web design! Great at storytelling  and offering trainings that help boost employees capacities in impact storytelling. A team that is dedicated to excellence. I like how they are proactive and always taking time to brainstorm with clients and develop customized solutions!”
“The Restless team helped us triple the organic traffic on our website within 8 months, created ad campaigns with a direct 2.5x ROI (not including LTV) and launched our online store which went from £3.5k/month to £12k/month within 4 months. Can't recommend enough - a great digital content and marketing partner.”
“Just want to let you know that the video worked great at the [World Habitat Day] event.

A lot of people LOVED it and said that it was the best thing at the ceremony! So thanks a lot for realizing this great idea!”
Katerina Bezgachina
"Restless Stories supported me in organizing a large-scale regional conference. They were responsible for all digital work, including graphic design, video production, social media engagement, newsletters, report design, and countless print branding elements. Working with them was seamless and ensured that the event had strong promotion and audience engagement. It was a resounding success!"
“Perceptive, skilful, helpful, professional, dependable, creative - all these epithets describe Restless Stories. I have turned to Dario for work on website design, social media, filming and stills photography. What is particularly gratifying is that he not only has enviable technical savvy but also have great sensitivity. This is exemplified by the talent that graces his work both visually and musically.”
"It was great to work with Dario. He would come up with solutions for a range of web and digital marketing problems, including SEO and Video Production, which produced some great results."
Alex Wilkes
"The team at Restless Stories are masters at translating the work of an organisation to making it approachable & engaging through effective communications.

I worked with the team for a large, continent wide conference to develop reports, newsletters, graphic design and social media.  Their contributions made the event an overwhelming success."
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