Real estate videography

High end property video production

Most properties in the UK and Europe still lack a "proper" real estate video whereas e-commerce websites have largely adopted and understood the value of video (+15-20% sales on average according to most research). It's a shame given that properties are such a high value item, especially compared to the cost of video production.

So far, we have produced videos mainly for luxury properties in France and the UK, however we're happy to discuss the right pricing model for "regular" properties too of course.

Aerial videography for real estate

We are licensed to commercially fly in urban environments and offer real estate drone videography in cities and rural areas. We offer aerial videography as part of all projects up to TV broadcast standards.

In fact, all our 4K video productions are aligned with BBC/Netflix production standards. We can also provide photographs and social media support using the raw material captured on the day if need be.
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Property videography pricing

We offer affordable real estate videography packages for most budgets, starting at £700 (our day rate is £350).

This includes filming, editing and 2 revisions.

The cost will also depend on your requirements, whether it's adding time-lapses, actors, complex scenes, 3D/animated text, etc.

For luxury real estate videography and larger properties, we usually require more time to cover the place in detail.

Video truly shows your commitment to buyers and sellers to stand out and provide an excellent service.
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